Lannom Learning

We met Jack Lannom through another client.  Jack had developed a series of motivational and educational materials in print, audio cassette, and video cassette formats:

Lannom Learning’s goal was to develop a distribution-based business model around its product line.¬† Our mission was to make that happen.

InTelesis performed a study to determine how to properly develop a system to facilitate the business. System, in this case, meant drawing together all of the components necessary to facilitate the entire enterprise. This project included:

Our responsibility was from warehousing, to marketing, to order processing, to fulfillment, to refilling inventory, to more sales, to the accounting department. We had to generate traffic, be able to take and process orders, fulfill the orders, manage the money, manage the inventory, and then make more sales (propagate the cycle).

We were responsible for the make/buy/rent decisions relating to:

To develop the solution:

To generate traffic:

To manage the orders, money, and inventory:

To generate more revenue: