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Company Overview

Our name is InTelesis, which is a combination of two separate words: Innovative and Telesis. We chose these words based on their definitions:

to make changes or to do something in
a new way

progress that is intelligently planned
and directed for the attainment of
desired ends by the application of
intelligent human effort to the means

InTelesis is all about embracing change and using it to create a new way of applying our collective intelligence to attain the desired end. We have assembled a base of entrepreneurial-type and corporate-type team members that have varied backgrounds in technology, marketing, and consulting.

Our mission:

To develop solutions that stimulate
progress through intelligent planning,
direction, and effort.

Our strategy is simple...

Put highly competent people in
situations where their ability to create
the appropriate solution will minimize
our customer's pains of change while
maximizing our customer's

The essence of our success...

Our ability to adhere to "the process"
that has proven effective for us and
our clients time and time again.

Our history:

In the 1980's:
we developed mass-distribution accounting
systems and marketing campaigns

In the 1990's:
we designed, implemented, and managed several
large-scale corporate networks, developed video
production and marketing capabilities for large
networking organizations, and developed Internet-
capable marketing and commerce applications

In the 2000's:
we developed infomercials, broadcast television
commercials, and a new form of entertainment
(Adventure Attractions™)

Over the years four things remain consistent:

  1. State-of-the-Art is a moving target - AKA "Change"
  2. the goals are the same; it's the vernacular that changes
  3. the goals are realized faster when our clients allow us to be part of their team
  4. "the process" is the crucial component for a successful project