Lannom Learning

Lannom Learning wanted to develop a distribution-based business model around its product line.

Skinny Pill

The Skinny Pill had an existing product line but felt that it wasn’t reaching its maximum potential.

BF Bio Supports

BF Bio Supports wanted to develop a national marketing campaign around its Bio Back product.

LC Energy

A client of ours needed to develop a leads generation program to feed it IBO distributors.

Bennett's Office Products

Bennett’s was our first large client. We started with Bennett’s in 1985 and maintained a mutually beneficial relationship through 2001.

Data/List Management

InTelesis serves many of its clients with Data/List management services. We are often able to generate more revenue with the list, which only enhances our client’s profitability.

Xtreme Paintball Xperience

A client of ours wanted to build a new business–a paintball facility.

Adventure Attractions

Adventure Attractions is a brand created for use at Xtreme Paintball Xperience (checkout that project) to increase the market space by attracting new adventure seekers.

Striker Productions

A client of ours wanted to develop a new business as a mixed-martial-arts production company.

Reduce My Golf Score

A professional golfer (player) and golf professional (instructor) desired to increase the revenues at his golf academy.


A client of ours wanted to develop a new business-a marketing company.

Merrill Lynch Insurance Group

Merrill Lynch wanted to develop a system that would guarantee the rates quoted during the sales process were accurate.

Avita Healthcare

Avita Healthcare was a startup in the discount medical card vertical and wanted to develop a marketing and distribution system around the Avita Healthcare Card.